Grow Your Business with an Enterprise-level Bitcoin Gateway.

CryptoChill is a highly customizable cryptocurrency payment gateway focused on security, stability and scalability.

— From the founders of Cryptopanic

For Brokers

— Built for brokers first

Most suitable all-in-one solution for brokers and exchanges requiring cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals with no limitations.

Handle deposits and withdrawals

  • Unlimited and never expiring addresses.
  • No gap limits.
  • Automatic consolidation of small transactions.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Modern REST API.

For Merchants

— Integrate Bitcoin payments in few minutes

Focus on building your product – integrate cryptocurrency payments just by few lines of code.

  • Easy integration using SDK or API for more advanced cases.
  • Automatic fiat to crypto value conversion.
  • Use Lightning Network for instant low-fee micro transactions.
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Security focused

— Vault with multi-signature HD wallets

We're using multi-signature HD wallets to ensure highest privacy and security levels for both – transactions and withdrawals. Full Segwit & Bech32 support.

Simple Pricing

— Flat rate 1% on incoming transactions

No hidden fees, flat rate 1% on incoming transactions. Built-in support for custom fees, white-labeling and affiliates.

* Fees are negotiable based on volumes

Private Gateway

Dedicated infrastructure & servers

For high volume clients we offer private gateway solution with fully dedicated infrastructure and servers.

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Powerful Dashboard

— Use our carefully designed dashboard to overview and control your integrations and payments

CryptoChill Payment Gateway - Dashboard
  • Granular permissions
  • Multi-account mode
  • Full logging & debug tools
CryptoChill Payment Gateway - Debug tools


Easy Integration

Integrate Bitcoin on-chain, Lightning Network or Litecoin payments with few lines of code using our SDK or use API for full featured integration.

Highly Customizable

Customize invoice expiration and confirmations. Add custom fees. Multiple profiles and wallets per single account.

Scalability & Control

Unlimited addresses, no gap limits, instant updates, full control over your wallets, receive callbacks on all transactions.


Lightning Network

Take advantage of Bitcoin Lightning Network for near-instant low-fee micro transactions.

Built for Everyone

Whether you require full featured, high volume, custom integration or just a single "Pay with Bitcoin" button – we got it covered!

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And There's More

Multi-account feature, multi-user access with granular permissions, 2FA, Bitcoin Testnet support for development, full logging and debug tools.

Use Cases

Handle deposits & withdrawals

– For brokers, exchanges, gambling sites.

Accept payments in Bitcoin

– For merchants and online services.

Create invoices and receive payments in Bitcoin

– For businesses and individuals.

Use instant micro-payments with Lightning Network

– For merchants, gamification, rewards and tipping.

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